City Artist

Lucas De Man and 'sHertogenbosch

Since February 17th 2013 Lucas De Man is the City Artist of Den Bosch, which he will be for the next 4 years. In 2012 he was asked by Het Zuidelijk Toneel to become one of their resident artists for 4 years, on the condition that he would focus on Den Bosch. He accepted this invitation and decided to develop two large scale city projects, that will be made in, for and with the city of Den Bosch. In these projects connecting and encountering will be the main components, and through one theme not only artists but also local companies and organisations can be involved. These projects will be developed locally but will afterwards tour internationally. Made in Den Bosch on tour.

The first big city project was called EYE and is about living together in a city, now and in the future. The project took over Den Bosch for forty days in September/ October 2014. The next big project is in 2016.

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